Outdoor Living Assessments is so excited to announce that we have expanded into yet another state (AZ, CA, CO)! We are now doing assessments in beautiful Telluride Colorado.
If you have any clients looking to move to the area or know any fellow realtors in Telluride, please let them know that their outdoor living space can now be included in the assessed value.
Here are a couple of properties we did there recently:

Company: Telluride Real Estate Corp
Assessed Value: $773,707
Natural Hillside: $95,739










City: Mountain Village, CO
Company: Telluride Properties
Total Assessed Value: $744,354
Natural Forest Area Value: $374,806



















Do you have a listing you’d like to have assessed? Give us a call, we’d love to help you sell the house and yard for what it’s really worth ~ OLA Team 844-652-8258