Increase your Real Estate Success

Your first “good impressions” start before those potential buyers even step inside!

Start first with trimming back or even removing large overgrown shrubs. Special attention should be given to anything touching the house.

Make sure the entire yard has a clean manicured look and especially use the leaf blower to create a fresh feeling.

You may even choose to add a few new tons of granite (ground top dressing) that match existing material. Just a thin new layer can make a big impression.

Any low voltage lights (path or spots) need to be straighten and or cleaned up with all bulbs working.

Lastly, if any patio furnishings look drab, add a new look with freshly painted or stained furniture which creates positive images.

Add only a couple of larger pots with flowers, (not a bunch of small/medium pots this is too much) at front door or walkway.

Even a small amount of money can make a big impact and sell your home quicker!