Overview of company:

Outdoor Living Assessments LLC provides a unique APP based program that allows industry professionals and individuals to produce solid assessments, that account for the property’s existing outdoor investment worth. This includes but is not limited to, patios, outdoor grills, pools, spas, water features, trees, sprinkler systems and overall landscaping. The feature rich system dynamically creates an accurate estimate of what a yard and existing outdoor areas are really worth. The system walks the user through a very simple step by step process which realistically measures the value of every feature and amenity. Once generated the assessment report is used as a tool to reveal the true overall value of the properties features, that are generally ignored in the home buying process.


Disclaimer for OLA (Outdoor Living Assessments LLC)

This Outdoor Assessment Report, is designed to accurately estimate and reveal a property’s existing outdoor financial worth. This report is not intended (or implied) to reflect a “true” cost replacement quote for any/all existing materials that may be found now (or in the future) to currently exist or reflect costs of replacement in materials that are damaged or destroyed items on said property. This report is to include any/all outdoor existing items such as: plant materials, trees, hardscape, pool/spas, landscape structures, watering systems, lighting systems, etc., that Outdoor Living Assessments deems to fall within our overall company guidelines for said report.

Scope of work:

The scope of work for this assessment report, is to take into account as many Outdoor existing features, that are present on “said property” at time of assessment. Please note, these “features” may or may not include every individual yard items, such as pots, artwork (sculptures, gazing balls etc.) or non-permanent pieces. The scope of work is also not limited to, but includes, accounting for the number of Outdoor items that are existing on-site (which will be accounted for within the generated report, such as individual plant materials, trees, low voltage lighting fixtures, etc.) of “said property”. Also included are square foot/linear foot measurements to be taken by the In-field Estimator, in order for hardscape areas (such as patio, decks, BBQ’s, including pools/spas, elevation changes, etc.) to be taken into account for the report.

The In-Field Estimator will at a minimum:

(1) Perform a visual inspection of the exterior areas (front & rear unless otherwise directed) for the purpose of generating the “said” Outdoor Assessment Report, (2) Input relative Data into OLA’s App (3) Research & verify any/all existing outdoor items that are applicable to OLA’s final generated assessment report, (4) Report his or her analysis, opinions, and conclusions for the purpose of generating OLA’s final “Outdoor Living Assessment Report”.

Intended Use:

The intended use of this Outdoor Assessment Report is to reveal and quantify a complete estimated cost reflection of a Property’s existing Outdoor Value.