Early October is a great time to start adding new plants, here are some fabulous color combinations to add to your outdoor living spaces.

1. Autumn Sage (Salvia greggii) have beautiful bright green leaves with red flowers. Mature size is 3 feet tall and wide.

2. Mt. Lemmon Marigold (Tagetes palmeri) have beautiful bright yellow daisy like flowers with very aromatic leaves. Mature size is 3 feet tall and wide.

3. Hummingbird Trumpet (Zauschneria californica) have small reddish flowers. Can be
easily kept at 4 foot tall and 4 feet wide.

4. Angelita Daisies (Tetraneuris acaulis) have beautiful bright yellow flowers with dark green grass like foliage. Mature size 1 foot tall and wide.

5. Damianita (Chrysactinia mexicana) covers the ground with bright yellow flowers with aromatic needle like leaves which are dark green. Mature size is 2 feet tall and wide.

6. Black Dalea (Dalea frutescens) have small gray green leaves with violet flowers.
Mature size is 3 feet tall and wide


A nice benefit of some of these combinations are a mixture of rabbit resistant and Butterfly-Hummingbird attracters.

Enjoy your fall blooms and outdoor living space,

~ OLA Team