Plan for landscape design with pergola and pond

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Use our feature rich system to dynamically create a realistic estimate of what your yard and landscaping are really worth. Our system will walk you through a simple step by step process that will measure the value of every feature and amenity that your yard has to offer. Simply log in to our online system on any device, fill out the step by step questions and the outdoor living assessment app will generate a full report detailing the value of your outdoor living area. Once generated this report can be used as a tool to build value in the features that are generally ignored in the home buying process.

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realtorloveWhy Realtors love OLA

checkmarkIt helps differentiate them from the sea of other realtors out in the market

checkmarkIt allows them to provide hard data that shows why a house is priced a certain way

checkmarkIt sets the property they are listing apart from other similar properties

checkmarkIt will help them close more transactions


Why Sellers love OLA

checkmarkIt provides a concrete report showcasing the value of their outdoor living space

checkmarkIt helps them get the money they really deserve for their house and property

checkmarkIt shows how much they have put into their outdoor living space


Why Buyers love OLA

checkmarkIt provides a list of what all is included in the outdoor living space

checkmarkIt gives a financial benchmark of what it would take to replace or replicate an outdoor living space.

checkmarkIt helps the buyer understand what all they are getting for the money they are spending

checkmarkIt shows what features, models, types, materials, etc… (trees, plants, lighting, sprinklers…) are at the property in case they need to be replaced or maintained.



Assess Your Property Now!

What our Happy Customers Are Saying

I had no idea that the time and money we invested in creating a beautiful backyard (including our existing pool) with expanded patios, would not be included in our home appraisal. When the founder of OLA approached us about Outdoor Living Assessments, we were on board. The company explained how elements such as my mature grown plants/trees, my 2 beautiful full grown saguaro cactus, river beds, watering systems, lighting, and overall exterior living spaces were not being revealed, that’s what OLA’s report shows, the real value of our yard. This report made a difference for our listing. It was a negotiating tool for sure! I highly recommend the service to anyone considering selling their property!
Joyce Rowe Stevens, Homeowner
The ATP program that Outdoor Living Assessments has created not only adds value to the home buying experiences and presentation of our listings, it also provides us an extra tool in our arsenal by which to show prospective buyers, why we should be their agent over any others!

We love this technology and the people who work for Outdoor Living Assessments… they are experts in their field and helped us every step of the way while we were learning how to use the program. We highly recommend this company be apart of all of our agents listing presentations.

Jamie Tomberlin, Agent
A few years ago, I had the pleasure to meet PJ (Founder and CEO of Outdoor Living Assessments) and she showed me some of her amazing landscape design creations. I was thrilled when she invited me to be part of the Outdoor Living Assessments team! Going out on my first assessment was eye-opening. I realized how much homeowners miss out by not knowing the worth of their outdoor living spaces. The user-friendly OLA app makes it simple to assess a property and generates a thorough report that is helpful to both the seller and buyer. I envision many satisfied customers in the near future that will feel the same way!
Jen Reich