Glossary of terms


Roundish and worn by weather and often lichens are attached
Removed from underneath the ground and have sharp edges
Mounding for elevation change
Length x width measurement
Is the measurement of the length of the section
Is usually around the pool and is colored, textured concrete surface
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Usually made from Polymer Resins and applied over an existing concrete slab, the finished look mirrors actual stone, tile or brick in appearance.
Patio pavers are appearing to be time worn and distressed looking. Normally having a more rustic appearance with unrefined edges.
Patio pavers have more refined edges almost brick like in nature and provide a smooth-face surface with often little or no grout lines.
Newly planted small plant material
Medium plant material
Although this plant size may also be newly installed, referring this size to be counted as a full grown plant and considered large in nature.
One of the most common container size of newly planted trees. Trees are 6 to 12 foot high depending on the species.
Tree sizes are considered to be mature trees and are varying in height of 10 to 20 feet.
Tree sizes would be considered to be making a significant visual impact to a yard or area and be viewed as full grown.
Materials are low growing and trailing plants. Not only used for color and softening purposes but also to cover dense shade areas, slopes and grow where grass is difficult to install.
These plants are smaller than trees and normally bush like in shape with multiple stems rather than a single trunk.
This is usually an impressive material that is grown as a focus of interest in a yard or area.
These trees are the most common tree in a particular region and often are growing to considerable height and or width. Usually have multiple branches developing some distance from the ground.
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Is described as a grass that is more dense and softer feel overall.
Is a creeping common grass that is described as the most common trailing and wiry texture grass.
These heads have a black or green appearance in plastic or metal material
These are typically larger heads in size compared to basic and brass heads. Used for extra large lawn areas or grass sports courts.
Are controlling mechanisms that provide opening and closing of water into both drip and sprinkler systems. Will be normally in a valve box placed in the ground
Costs are measured by linear foot. How many linear feet is there from the breaker box to the location of outlet, fan, Ramada, BBQ, etc
Arbor type form of lattice work supported on columns or posts
Lightweight metal material, (Aluminum) has wood grain finish.


Made out of wood vs Aluma wood can be redwood, pine, etc
Are a more expensive watering heads, that are brass or metal in appearance