Our three-step process is extremely easy, efficient and accurate.

If you are a Realtor or selling your home and looking to maximize the return
on your exterior investment this is the solution you are looking for. Getting started is easy and everything is done online based on our outdoor assessment survey.


Sign up for an Outdoor Assessment account. This will give you instant access to our property assessment and evaluation software allowing you to instantly begin your property evaluation.



Follow the simple step by step process to complete your online assessment. This process is as simple as walking around your property and answering the simple and easy online assessment questioner.


Once you have completed the assessment you will be able to quickly generate a report outlining all of the features of your front and back yards.

So just how does it work?

checkmarkThe categories are pre-established with the various size and type options. Anyone with the software can plug in the number of items they find in the outdoor living space.

checkmarkThe programs algorithm then combines all of the fields and calculates a dollar amount and report of what the living space is worth, would cost to replace, etc…

checkmarkThe report is compiled of the number and types of items along with their calculated value.

checkmarkThe report can then be used by the listing realtor to show potential buyers what the home and property are truly worth and how the property differentiates from other similar listings.

What’s your value?

Our system will walk you through a simple step by step process that will measure the value of every feature and amenity that your yard has to offer.