Come in many shapes and sizes, here are different varieties:

  • Built-in – will be more expensive, but can create a very modern look on any patio.
  • Table or Bowl Design – less expensive, lighter and portable, often supplied with grill tops and charcoal options. May not be very durable and can rust easily.
  • Clay – creates a unique rustic look and is very affordable, but is much heavier and more prone to damage.
  • Cast Iron – very sturdy units that last a long time, but are very heavy, so probably would be permanent in your outdoor space.
  • Cast Aluminum – looks like cast iron but is lighter and less expensive.
  • Gas Fireplaces – can be built-in or portable but by using natural gas or propane. You’ll be able to start a fire immediately with a flip of a switch or twist of a valve. You will not have to worry about ashes, sparks, smoke, or other maintenance. It also will burn cleaner than wood.


Placement of Built-in Fireplace:

Zoning guidelines vary, but most restrict how close you can construct a fireplace to the existing home. Also review property line setback guidelines.
Consider views from the house, focal points, privacy, screening and prevailing wind when deciding where to set this permanent structure. Keep in mind that the fireplace will alter the flow of traffic thru the outdoor space. You may consider built-in seating as a part of your design.


Material of Built-in Fireplace:

You can choose from brick, stone, concrete or stucco. Brick will give a timeless appeal and is very durable. If your looking for earthy tones, than natural stone is the best option. Concrete can be used to mimic any natural material and you can use either colored or textured material. Stucco is the least expensive and simplest to install, there are a variety of color options available and will give a classic southwestern look.