Did you know that these are some of the most popular and unique palms.

Sago Palm – Tropical and comes in multi-trunk form, it will create a big impression, grows small to medium in size..

Mediterranean Fan Palm – Always in style, can be drought tolerant, great focal point in yards, especially in multi-trunk form.

Bismark Palm – Unique look with a blue-green tint, good in either acidic or alkaline soil.

Roebelenii Palm – Very tropical in appearance and on the softer side of palms.

Pindo Palm – Interesting and surging in popularity, has a single trunk, and can grow medium to large in size.

Canary Island Date Palm – Impressive ornamental, good in all soils, single trunk and can grow medium to large in size.

Sabal Palm – Flowers are fragrant, slow growing, is drought tolerant and grows small to medium in size.

Banana Palm – Known around the world as one of the most popular palms, shaded areas are required, medium to tall in height.

Madagascar Palm – Very unique needle spines and is a semi-succulent and not a true palm, should be used in filtered light or shaded areas.