Don’t let the largest portion of your property
go unnoticed or undervalued.


The front and backyards in any home are a critical part of the buying decision but somehow modern assessments do not take the value of this resource into account. Interior features like granite counter tops and Pergo floors are considered in the house price. Why do we not calculate the value of landscaping, patios and other outdoor amenities like fire pits, built in grills or a gazebo?  Ensure you get the best price and value out of your home with the Outdoor Living Assessment Software.

Every assessment considers the basics like pools, square footage and acreage but few consider the true value of your outdoor amenities. A solid assessment should account for your landscaping, outdoor grills and other outdoor features such as trees, sprinklers systems and overall landscaping. You paid to make your outdoor living area beautiful and it should add more to the value of your home than just curb appeal.

Use our feature rich system to dynamically create a realistic estimate of what your yard and landscaping are really worth. Our system will walk you through a very simple step by step process that will measure the value of every feature and amenity that your yard has to offer. Simply log in to our online system on any device, fill out the simple step by step questions and the outdoor living assessment app will generate a full report detailing the value of your outdoor living area. Once generated this report can be used as a tool to build value in the features that are generally ignored in the home buying process.